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Surgical & Airway Suction

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Surgical Suction

Suction pumps are used during and after surgery to remove surgical fluids, tissue (including bones), gases and bodily fluids. Medela provide highly versatile, reliable and safe pumps that are easy to use and cover all suctional needs.

Vario 8 and Vario 8 c/i Low-Vacuum Suction Pumps

The Vario 8 and Vario 8 c/i low-vacuum suction pumps are all-rounders for hospitals and outpatient clinics. They offer versatility, reliability and mobility and are suitable for a wide range of low-vacuum applications.

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Airway Suction

Airway suctioning removes secretions that accumulate in the respiratory tract. Medela’s pumps meet the highest international standards and requirements for carefree application: a rapid vacuum build-up, full reliability and little noise during operation.

Clario Airway Suction Pump

The Clario airway suction pump provides easy-to-use, highly mobile suction for patients in need of airway suctioning at home. Clario is the airway suction pump for quick relief for quiet tracheostomy suctioning.

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Clario Toni Pediatric Airway Suction Pump

The Clario Toni Suction Pump is an upper airway suctioning pump specifically designed for neonates and infants with a variety of pathologies. Gentle suctioning quickly clears the respiratory tract from secretions, offering immediate relief and comfort.

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